Episode 33 – Victoria from Tennesee

Victoria has a long history of mental health difficulties beginning with depression at 18. She now has a schizophrenia diagnosis – in this recording, she reflects on her past and shows hope for the future.

#schizophrenia #parenthood #psychosis

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2 Replies to “Episode 33 – Victoria from Tennesee”

  1. I have been continuously working to do better. I am still growing and healing. I just listened to my interview and want to say sorry for interrupting you during it. It you ever want to do a follow up let me know. I have learned more self control of the tongue 😜. I also know that I saw things a certain way at that time, and as I continue on this journey toward stability, my perceptions keep changing. Most was illness and a false way of perceiving others. Which will always be part of the fight. I wish I would have not talked negative towards my ex or my sister’s. I thank God I see clearer now. Hope you are doing well, sending hugs, love and healing for us all!

    1. Thank you for your comment Victoria. You are welcome to do a follow-up. I am trying to juggle everything, and realise I need to take my time with these interviews. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

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