Episode 50 – Georgie

We welcome Generation X Georgie today. From Australia, Georgie gives her background to her psychosis. From battling substance misuse to the metaphysical and nature of death and reality, we hear a valuable story.

#neardeathexperience #substancemisuse #chakras

Episode 49 – JK Valentine Part 2

We welcome back JK. In this episode Joshua talks more deeply about his psychosis & hallucinations. We hear details of the chronic trauma he goes through, a malaise common to schizophrenics, and a reminder why we need to keep raising awareness.

#schizophrenia #hallucinations #trauma

Music: Lafayette Blues – Will Harrison

Episode 48 – Benjamin Part 2

We welcome back Benjamin for further discussion today. Ben, talks more about his mental journey from his 20s to the present day. We touch on the aspect of pre-cognition, a characteristic feature of psychotic experiences.

#precognition #energies #loss

Music: House of Cards – Wellmess feat. Divity

Episode 46 – JK Valentine

We have the pleasure of speaking with JK today. In his mid-twenties, JK has an adventurous, laid back cool demeanour. In this episode we touch on his Mental Health history, which leads one to a gentle chat about topics which are not often discussed. JK has both schizophrenia & DID diagnosis’s.

#schizophrenia #dissociative #aliens

Music: Close Talker – Ritchie Everett.

Episode 45 – Sebastian

Sebastian whilst introverted – has a joie de vivre for life. In his mid twenties from Chicago, he is training to work in Radiology. Diagnosis: Schizophrenia

#schizophrenia #Introversion #sexuality

Music : Jet Set Jivin’ – Jos

Episode 44 – George UK

Esoteric & illuminating, George is paranoid schizophrenic from Yorkshire. 58, his psychotic journey began late in life, George gives his views and insight on his beliefs and experiences.



Music: Em Baxio – Clara Mendes

#schizophrenia #selfactualisation #chrisitianity

Episode 43 – Frank Part 2

We welcome back Frank in this episode. Frank was the guest in Episode 1 of this series. A former drug addict, developed schizophrenia, Frank has undergone a journey of recovery and spiritual discovery. Now a practicing Reiki Healer. He has recently been on a Paranormal Tour, following the healing of one of his friends.

His website is https://bit.ly/368ilCz and his Instagram is @pswinepresents

#schizophrenia #healer #paranormal

Music : Fragile Whispers – Gavin Luke

Episode 42 – Jasper Part 3

We welcome back Jasper in this episode. We talk about his second visit to hospital. Jasper has good recall of his thoughts and feelings, in this lighthearted discussion involving traumatic experiences.

Jasper is a graphic artist:


#schizoaffective #hospitalisation #catatonia

music: Flashes from the Red Sun – Carvings

Episode 41 – Sable

Welcoming Sable this episode. In her early twenties from Florida, Sable has been dealing with Schizophrenia symptoms for half her life.

Particularly interesting is her visual hallucinations. She has a stable loving home now, with a reflective mature outlook on this condition.

Sable’s Blog:


Music: Quiet before the Tempest: Across the Great Valley

#schizophrenia #visualhallucinations #academia