Season 3, Books & Binaural Beats

Welcome to another solo episode. Duncan talks about Season 3, his books and his new therapy of pure high frequency binaural beats.

Wisdom of a schizophrenic:

Way of a schizophrenic:

Weight gain of a schizophrenic:

Show notes Vol 1:

Show notes Vol 2:


Binaural Beats:

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Music: Blue Asparagus – TAGE

Episode 52 – Georgie Part 2

We welcome back Georgie for a second episode. Today we talk more deeply about her experiences with hallucinations. Hearing voices is a common symptom for people with schizophrenia, and it is still very much misunderstood.

#hallucinations #rehab #schizophrenia

Episode 51 – Ben Part 3

We welcome Ben back today. Ben is from the USA, and has had an interesting history and is currently working as a counsellor. Today we had a freestyle wide ranging discussion about life, which is a new aspect for Season 3.

#schizoaffective #education #gaza

Music : Koan I (Theta 5 Hz) – Syntropy

Episode 50 – Georgie

We welcome Generation X Georgie today. From Australia, Georgie gives her background to her psychosis. From battling substance misuse to the metaphysical and nature of death and reality, we hear a valuable story.

#neardeathexperience #substancemisuse #chakras

Episode 49 – JK Valentine Part 2

We welcome back JK. In this episode Joshua talks more deeply about his psychosis & hallucinations. We hear details of the chronic trauma he goes through, a malaise common to schizophrenics, and a reminder why we need to keep raising awareness.

#schizophrenia #hallucinations #trauma

Music: Lafayette Blues – Will Harrison

Episode 48 – Benjamin Part 2

We welcome back Benjamin for further discussion today. Ben, talks more about his mental journey from his 20s to the present day. We touch on the aspect of pre-cognition, a characteristic feature of psychotic experiences.

#precognition #energies #loss

Music: House of Cards – Wellmess feat. Divity

Episode 46 – JK Valentine

We have the pleasure of speaking with JK today. In his mid-twenties, JK has an adventurous, laid back cool demeanour. In this episode we touch on his Mental Health history, which leads one to a gentle chat about topics which are not often discussed. JK has both schizophrenia & DID diagnosis’s.

#schizophrenia #dissociative #aliens

Music: Close Talker – Ritchie Everett.

Episode 45 – Sebastian

Sebastian whilst introverted – has a joie de vivre for life. In his mid twenties from Chicago, he is training to work in Radiology. Diagnosis: Schizophrenia

#schizophrenia #Introversion #sexuality

Music : Jet Set Jivin’ – Jos