Episode 54 – Ben Part 4

Ben has returned for another episode. We discuss medication and the effects of schizophrenia as a child. We touch on the wider aspects of humanity including life on Mars.

#medication #schizoaffective #projectstargate

Music: Gamma Sines – Rocket Noise

Episode 52 – Georgie Part 2

We welcome back Georgie for a second episode. Today we talk more deeply about her experiences with hallucinations. Hearing voices is a common symptom for people with schizophrenia, and it is still very much misunderstood.

#hallucinations #rehab #schizophrenia

Episode 51 – Ben Part 3

We welcome Ben back today. Ben is from the USA, and has had an interesting history and is currently working as a counsellor. Today we had a freestyle wide ranging discussion about life, which is a new aspect for Season 3.

#schizoaffective #education #gaza

Music : Koan I (Theta 5 Hz) – Syntropy

age of transition – future publication

An original book – based on Duncan’s idea of the transitional age we have been living in since the Industrial Revolution, and before the arrival of the Technological age. Duncan will be researching literature, to give a summation of the ideas both spiritual and cultural in terms of what he believes is not only an important age, but a sacred one