Season 3, Books & Binaural Beats

Welcome to another solo episode. Duncan talks about Season 3, his books and his new therapy of pure high frequency binaural beats.

Wisdom of a schizophrenic:

Way of a schizophrenic:

Weight gain of a schizophrenic:

Show notes Vol 1:

Show notes Vol 2:


Binaural Beats:

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Music: Blue Asparagus – TAGE

Episode 54 – Ben Part 4

Ben has returned for another episode. We discuss medication and the effects of schizophrenia as a child. We touch on the wider aspects of humanity including life on Mars.

#medication #schizoaffective #projectstargate

Music: Gamma Sines – Rocket Noise

Episode 52 – Georgie Part 2

We welcome back Georgie for a second episode. Today we talk more deeply about her experiences with hallucinations. Hearing voices is a common symptom for people with schizophrenia, and it is still very much misunderstood.

#hallucinations #rehab #schizophrenia

Episode 51 – Ben Part 3

We welcome Ben back today. Ben is from the USA, and has had an interesting history and is currently working as a counsellor. Today we had a freestyle wide ranging discussion about life, which is a new aspect for Season 3.

#schizoaffective #education #gaza

Music : Koan I (Theta 5 Hz) – Syntropy