Episode 25 – Johnny from Norway

Despite leading a happy normal life, in 2005 Johnny became struck with severe mental illness. He is now 46 and living with a schizophrenia diagnosis.

Music : Refined Enlightenment – Howard Harper-Barnes

#schizophrenia #psychosis #stigma

Episode 24 – Eric from New Orleans, Louisiana

Eric is 37 and has been experiencing psychotic symptoms from an early age. Notably for their rarity this includes visual hallucinations. He has a diagnosis of Schizophrenia.

Music : Hyperdrive – Sebastian Forslund

#schizophrenia #hallucinations #stigma

Transcriptions – Help me!

iwasme.co.uk has a new feature – Transcriptions.

At the minute they are about 85% accurate and would be wonderful if anyone would like to help get these up to 100% accuracy. It is possible to edit them freely.

An excellent feature is the ability to search through all the transcripts. Useful for those wishing to find the episode with a keyword search.

Please find the link here:

Podscribe transcriptions

Episode 23 – Sam from the West Midlands, UK

In his mid twenties, Sam is dealing with psychosis and the onset of severe mental illness. Battling with the public stigma, Sam is looking to get his life back.

Music : Graduation – Dylan Sitts

#schizophrenia #psychosis #stigma

Episode 22 – Brad from Oregon, USA

Brad served in Iraq with the US Army as a construction engineer. He is 42 with a diagnosis of schizoaffective bipolar type. We talk about his experiences and agree that the stigma is a big issue.

Brad has a blog here : https://bit.ly/381harJ

Music : Bright Red Lights – Coma Svensson, Van Psyke

Episode 20 – Tony from Oklahoma

Tony is 46, with a schizoaffective disorder/ bipolar type diagnosis. We discuss the media, common peoples’ delusions and microwave attacks!

Tony runs a successful podcast – Kick the Cool https://apple.co/34m0RlO

Give it a listen for some lighthearted relief.

Music: Command – Gloria Tells

#schizophrenia #psychosis #interview

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Episode 18 – Eagle from Helsinki, Finland

Eagle has been dealing with psychotic symptoms since a young age. After a fight to get the correct diagnosis and treatment, he is now in a stable place after past struggles.

Music: ‘The Last Cosmonaut’ Marc Torch

#schizophrenia #hallucinations #stigma

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